1. You overload on administrative work. As a business owner, it is essential to assess time as an asset. If valuable time is consumed on a task such as reconciling bank statements, it will fundamentally reduce time afforded to sell the businesses products. Where possible, the firm recommends outsourcing responsibilities to save money on time lost through time-consuming tasks.
  2. You put off quick tasks. Productivity coaches advise if a job can be completed in a minute or two, do it now. Business owners can often make the mistake of setting aside small tasks for later when in fact it can be detrimental to productivity to revisit these small tasks.
  3. You micromanage employees. As businesses grow, often employee numbers increase. Business owners should encourage their employees to work independently. By consistently guiding workers through daily tasks time is wasted, defeating the objective of outsourcing a task. When dealing with a consistently unreliable employee, it is advisable to seek to replace said individual.
  4. You let daily developments drive you. Business owners are advised to set aside time for developing expansion strategies. For a company to move forward time cannot be continually spent firefighting daily office issues, and it will be fundamental to growth targets for allocated time to be set and used productively.
  5. You don’t have a clear social media strategy. For social media marketing to be effective, a strategy for desirable results should be set ahead of time. Businesses should set clear goals on how to improve their online presence to ensure advantages over competitors are achievable. Often this is a task best suited to the experts, by outsourcing, time can freely available to work on an area of expertise, such as selling business products.
  6. You try to reinvent the wheel. Companies should select projects carefully. Ill-advised endeavors can be a huge drain on business resources, such as time and revenue. Carefully consider all projects, evaluating a campaign’s ability to help the business reach long-term goals.
  7. You repeat the same things over and over. Business communication is crucial in developing a solid customer experience. When faced with FAQs, it is advisable to develop and utilize templated responses when faced with similar inquiries, as this will streamline processes and maximize productivity.