Executive Touch Worldwide: “How to lock in your team”

11 April 2017
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In an ever-changing business world, new opportunities arise for employees all the time. Executive Touch Worldwide’s CEO James Sagar has revealed how you can create a loyal team willing to grow with a company.  

As businesses grow, it is critical for established workers to maintain motivation and in line with the brand image.  Executive Touch Worldwide are exposing their secrets on locking in their core contractors.  The firm has a robust culture which shines through all their business activity, concentrating on instilling fundamental values in their contractors has afforded the company a self-motivated and forward thinking team that embrace every project as if it were their own.  CEO James Sagar is making a significant impact on the US direct marketing industry, 2016 was a great year for his personal development, and he was asked to speak at many industry seminars, this week saw James Sagar attend a Consultants summit, promoting owners summit and owners summit in Chicago.

As a guest speaker, James Sagar was invited to share his wisdom on locking in your team.  His contribution covered exclusive details on how he attracts A players, then how to encourage success and development and then most importantly how to maintain a team with high morale and productivity.

James Sagar unveiled his top 10 tips on how his organisation locks in their teams:

1) Provide the necessary training – Consistently offer opportunities to learn new skills and increase industry knowledge.

2) No seniority – Allow everyone to contribute ideas and creativity, offer advancement on merit over time spent within the firm.

3) Be the Hardest Worker – by demonstrating how to be successful, it makes it easier for individuals to replicate.  Lead from the front and be involved in driving results.

4) No politics – honest, transparent environment  – by creating an honest environment it is easier to resolve issues.

5) Invest in them – be it bonuses, conference tickets or team night, let everyone know how much they are valued.

6) Promote your own goals and how they will have a positive impact on the team – sharing goals allows everyone to see the bigger picture, which helps individuals understand the importance of their tasks.

7) Demonstrate Passion/Desire/Fire – No one will ever be as passionate about someone’s business, but showing personal passion will go a long way to increasing work ethic and accountability within the business.

8) Always have a positive attitude – this will trickle down to employees – tackle obstacles positively and lead by example.

9) Be the problem solver – demonstrate how to find solutions, and inspire creativity and forward thinking throughout the business.

10) Ensure team relationships are positive – take the time to promote individual skill sets and celebrate individual successes.

As the economy strengthens, employers will need to adapt to remain competitive and retain their teams.  New opportunities will frequently appear, potentially tempting top staff away; Executive Touch Worldwide are condiment that all businesses can maintain a consistent workforce if they show appreciation for work ethic and offer personal development opportunities throughout the workplace.  Young businessmen and women are keen to gather recognition for their work and find job satisfaction working within organizations where values are matching, and project contribute to society.


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