James Sagar – President

James Sagar

Tell us a bit about yourself
I joined the business when I was 32 years old. Before that I was in the construction industry building affordable housing until one day, after 10 years of working with my company, I was called into the main office…When I arrived I found every other employee there too. We were given a check, thanked for all our hard work, and informed the company was closing down due to the lack of business and decline of the industry.

After losing my job I needed something which I felt in control of, something that wasn’t controlled by economic decline. However, I also needed a job which didn’t require bringing new skills to the table as I was completely starting over in a new industry. At that moment I realized I would have to be willing to start in an entry-level position.

Thankfully, I found this business in the city of Leeds in Yorkshire, England. My hopes were confirmed in the initial week when I attended my first opportunity meeting and I knew this is what I wanted to do. I had found a chance to grow and develop at my own pace in an industry that was self-sufficient and allowed me to work abroad. I grow my business by constantly involving myself in the day-to-day operations, which always means something new and exciting. I think and dream big.

What is your personal mission statement?
To teach, train, and develop individuals to the highest standards within our industry, through hard work and determination. And to take care of our clients with world class representation.

What advice would you give to a new owner?
I would say, commit to the changes and development you need to make. Like the rest of your development so far, you have areas of weakness that you need to get better at and that takes focus and commitment to improve.

If you could call yourself on the morning of your first day, what would you say?
I would say, “Don’t doubt yourself. Everything you have done in your life so far has led you to this point…You got this.”

What are you most proud of in your business?
I’m most proud of the opportunity we are able to give a diverse, talented group of people. What a rewarding feeling! If we are determined then we have the tools to make anything a reality. That makes me feel so proud and thankful every day.

I dream about the possibilities we can create within our lives and I am grateful for the people that trust me with their future every day.

My peers understand that we have a choice of whether or not we want success. Life is about the choices you make, but it’s up to you what choices you make! I chose a life of success and am willing to do whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality.

What techniques do you use to attract talented sales agents?
In my business, I am not looking to attract talented sales agents. I am looking to attract like-minded people who want an opportunity to grow and help shape their futures.

How do you keep your team motivated?
I get up every morning automatically excited for work. My role is predominantly motivating people to win at whatever they set their minds to. I like to challenge my crew to use today to get closer to their goals. I am lucky to have a team with high standards and aspirations, which makes it easy to feed off each other’s growth.

What is the hardest lesson you have learned as a business owner?
The hardest lesson I have learned is that each person who comes into my business is their own person and therefore what motivates me may not motivate them. The only way I have been able to develop my strength in coaching others is by spending more time with people individually and building better personal relationships with them. It has allowed me to truly find out what makes them tick, allowing me to make the right impact on them.

What is your most valuable asset for success?
Self-belief. The world tried to make you question whether you are good enough every day. My answer to that is “YES, I am good enough!” Everybody has something inside of them that just needs to be discovered. Confident people accomplish great things and we have to find the key to unlock their inner belief. That is exactly what my coaches and mentors did for me and my goal is to continue to do that for others and give them the same, if not better opportunity than I was given.

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?
This is a weird time for me, like anything in life when starting a new stage that you have never ventured onto before. Things can be intimidating. However, this business has shown me that it’s all copy and paste. At first, it’s scary but then as time moves forward, you learn new skills and it starts becoming exciting. Going through this process you eventually learn to steer the ship and become great at whatever you focus on. I have so much to learn and improve on at this stage in my career.

As a leader, what do you think distinguishes you and your team from other players in the field?
It’s pretty hard to pinpoint what distinguishes my team because we are surrounded by strong, like-minded people when it comes to succeeding in both life and business. What I will say is that our team is everything. People trusting us to help them succeed every day is a privilege and as long as I keep that in mind with every decision I make, I am providing a great opportunity.

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