James Sagar of Executive Touch Worldwide to star in industry magazine

15 February 2017
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CEO of Executive Touch Worldwide, James Sagar has revealed he will be the front cover feature in BrandMag, an exciting business magazine.

James Sagar of Executive Touch Worldwide was delighted to reveal that he had been selected to feature as the main article and appear on the front cover of business development magazine BrandMag. The business owner was chosen to feature due to his reputation within the business industry and his amazing success story that has blown industry professionals away.

BrandMag is a unique business magazine sharing content which aids the development and knowledge of business owners in areas such as how to use social media successfully, top places to stay for travelling business owners, top tips and guides from experienced business owners and much more. The latest edition is set to be published this coming Friday 17th February and will be available online and in limited printed form.

James Sagar of Executive Touch Worldwide is starring in the magazine and has revealed his exciting story ‘From Tradesman to Businessman’ exclusively to BrandMag. In the magazine, Mr Sagar reveals how at the age of 32 and after working 10 years as a building and construction worker he was forced to start again in a completely new industry as he was made redundant. The now business owner decided to start a new career in the sales and marketing industry in 2008. Since this, James Sagar launched his first business in 2009, less than a year after starting in the industry. In January 2010 Mr Sagar was able to launch a second office in Leeds and, after topping the industry’s billboards for 5 years, expanded overseas to New York City in March 2015.

The business owner is now experiencing a huge financial return for his hard work and determination not to let this setback keep him down, grossing a total of $5.46 million in 2016 compared to an inconsistent £400 per week as a tradesman. James Sagar exclusively told BrandMag his top 5 recommendations for achieving success.

Appearing in BrandMag is a huge honor for Mr Sagar who is hoping that by sharing his story he will be able to inspire others to follow in his footsteps and never let a setback keep them down. As advocates of entrepreneurship, Executive Touch Worldwide is passionate about inspiring others to pursue entrepreneurship and believes that their CEO’s story is hugely motivating to others considering making that career leap.

Executive Touch Worldwide offers an exciting business development opportunity which helps young business professionals pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. By offering a hands-on learning experience Executive Touch Worldwide can help individuals to master much-needed business skill sets such as sales, marketing, leadership, management, public speaking, finance, interviewing, choosing a team, motivating a team, and much more. These skills help each individual to pursue their own goals and achieve professional success.

Executive Touch Worldwide is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in New York. The firm specializes in personalized direct marketing which allows them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers on a daily basis. This allows the firm to ensure brand loyalty, customer acquisition and brand awareness for their clients.

James Sagar aims to inspire other young professionals and entrepreneurs through his empowering and motivational story which has led to him becoming a hugely successful influence in the sales and marketing industry.


Executive Touch Worldwide is a vibrant event marketing and sales firm which offers clients a wide range of services including brand and campaign management; event sales and marketing and customer acquisition.


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