“It’s okay to ask for help!” states Executive Touch Worldwide

9 August 2016
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Executive Touch Worldwide are advocates of leadership and entrepreneurship and therefore understand how entrepreneurs tend to be extremely independent and unwilling to ask for help. Here, the firm shares why they believe asking for help can actually be hugely beneficial for entrepreneurs.

By nature, entrepreneurs are naturally self-motivated, independent and decisive and most of the time they are perfectly okay with this. However, Executive Touch Worldwide points out that when it comes to needing advice, these traits can make entrepreneurs stubborn and too uncomfortable to ask for help.

Executive Touch Worldwide believes that entrepreneurs need to overcome this fear of asking for help and states how actually gaining advice from other entrepreneurs or business mentors can be truly valuable for business owners. “Asking for help should not be considered a weakness,” reveals CEO of Executive Touch Worldwide, James Sagar. Here, the business owner has revealed his reasons as to why asking for help can be truly beneficial for entrepreneurs:

You get helpful advice
Seeking help from an established entrepreneur can be extremely helpful. “Seeking help from successful entrepreneurs can help you advance your own entrepreneurial skills without having to go through the hassle of learning by experience,” recommends James Sagar.

The business owner highlights how many entrepreneurs learn through failure. However, if an entrepreneur cannot afford to fail it can be vital to learn from someone who has already had these experiences and came out on top to diminish the amount of damage caused in the long run.

You grow your network
“Asking for help can help you grow your connections,” reveals Mr. Sagar. “Especially when you don’t find your answer right away. You might have to knock on a few doors before you get the answer you need. Each connection made along the way helps to expand your network and gives your business further reach. You will be better connected once you ask for help than you ever were before and you never know, someone might come to you for help too,” states James Sagar.

You learn to listen and take advice
Listening is a very important skill when running a business as it is vital to be tuned in to everything that is going on; from employee feedback to customer feedback, listening is key to improving in business.

“Asking for help develops listening skills and teaches you to take advice on board,” shares the business owner.

Executive Touch Worldwide regularly networks and attends important business conferences where they are able to seek out and gain valuable business advice from others. Additionally, Executive Touch Worldwide has a mentoring system in place which means that everyone within their firm, from new starts to experienced leaders, have access to people who can offer help and advice on a daily basis.

Executive Touch Worldwide is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in New York City. As direct marketing specialists, the firm are able to offer personalized marketing solutions on behalf of their clients’ brands. By connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis the firm are able to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer which often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


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