Executive Touch Worldwide Review the Top 10 TED Talks

9 January 2017
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TED Talks provides a platform for thought-provoking and educational videos.  Direct marketing specialists, Executive Touch Worldwide frequently view TED Talks and although normally focus on business mindset themed video’s they were inspired by some of the most-watched Ted Talks of 2016.

As a non-profit organisation and an inclusive global community that is devoted to spreading ideas, changing people’s attitudes, lives and the world; ‘TED’ welcomes people from every discipline and culture.  A TED talk is a brief speech lasting 18 minutes of less that provides great advice, motivation and inspiration to the viewer. Executive Touch Worldwide frequently view TED Talks because of their innovative and educational value.

With thousands of TED Talks in 2016, it’s difficult to pick out those that were the most thought provoking.  Here, direct marketing specialists Executive Touch Worldwide, shortlist some interested Ted Talks that make the average person consider how actions, perceptions and economics affect our everyday lives.

1 – Tim Urban, Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator. This talk was 14.03 minutes and viewed by 9.2 million people.  The funny and perceptive speech was a hit and suggested that even though it’s important to understand how to stop procrastinating, it may be just as important to consider what an individual is procrastinating on.

2 – Reshma Saujani, Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection. Viewed by 2.8 million people and lasting 12.39 minutes, this talk brought to light how society teaches boys to be brave and girls to be perfect, which is destructive. The argument was made that the entire population must feel safe to take risks, not just the boys.

3 – Latif Nasser, You Have No Idea Where Camels Really Came From. The runtime was 12.27 minutes and 2 million people viewed the talk on how a tiny fossil completely shifted Nasser’s view on camels, world history and possibility.

4 – Dalia Mogahed, What Do You Think of When You Look at Me? Viewed by 1.9 million people, running for 16.16 minutes, this talk explored prejudice and compassion, separation and unity, personal stories and press perceptions of Islam.

5 – Raffaello D’Andrea, Meet the Dazzling Flying Machines of the Future. This talk viewed by 1.8 million and for 11.35 minutes showed the power of drones and their potential impact on the future.

6 – Lidia Yuknavitch, The Beauty of Being a Misfit.  For 12.58 minutes this talk explored what it means to fit in, stand out and truly accept yourself. Viewed by 1.7 million.

7 – Toni Mac, The Laws That Sex Workers Really Want.  Viewed by 1.6 million and for 17.50 minutes, this talk outlined four legal models used in different countries and offered her suggestion on one she thinks is in the best interest for everyone

8 – Angelica Dass, The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color. This talk left 1.6 million views uplifted for 11.27 minutes with love for humanity’s true colors.

9 – Ivan Coyote, Why We Need Gender-Neutral Bathrooms. This talk outlined the personal and culture argument for gender-neutral bathrooms to 1.4 million people for 11.50 minutes.

10 – Adam Foss, A Prosecutor’s Vision for a Better Justice System. This talk was a poignant exploration of youth, crime, punishment and justice and how a reformed system could lead to healthier individuals and stronger communities. Viewed by 1.4 million and for 15.57 minutes.

Executive Touch Worldwide advocate the importance of continued learning and development and those people should utilize all of the tools at their disposal to develop themselves. The direct marketing specialists develop innovative marketing campaigns for their client’s sales and marketing needs, and invest in the development of their sales contractors, promoting the use of TED talks as part of this.




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