Executive Touch Worldwide: Do You Have a System in Place for Dealing with Customer Feedback?

28 June 2016
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New York-based direct sales and marketing specialist Executive Touch Worldwide encourages businesses to set up a system for processing customer ideas.

Research published in ‘Understanding Customers’ by Ruby Newell-Legner reveals that only four per cent of customers complain when they experience an issue. Executive Touch Worldwide comments: “Looking at the study, this means that 96 per cent of customers who do experience a problem leave without telling you. In order to run a successful business and take customer suggestions into consideration, you must have a system in place to reach that 96 per cent.” Executive Touch Worldwide insists that customer feedback must be taken seriously, especially considering that 91 per cent of those leaving without raising the issue will never return and may share their feelings with family, friends and colleagues. This can have a major negative impact on business success.

Companies who do not have a system in place to collect feedback from customers cannot act on it. However, just because customers share their thoughts, it does not mean that all businesses have recognized the value of such feedback. A study undertaken by a customer experience company shows that those who collect customer feedback, but have no system in place, may be aware of suggestions from up to 20 per cent of customers but are unlikely to act on it. On the contrary, businesses that collect and act on customer feedback may collect and act on up to 100 per cent of input. Executive Touch Worldwide explains: “The results show how important it is to listen to people and take their suggestions on board. Finding out what your customers’ needs are exactly what it takes to improve processes and products accordingly.”

Based in New York, Executive Touch Worldwide is an outsourced sales and marketing company. The firm raises brand awareness on behalf of their clients and promotes and sells their products and services. Executive Touch Worldwide’s competitive advantage is their unique approach when it comes to customer service. All interactions with consumers happen on a face-to-face basis. “Our sales force meets with people in person. They have a quick chat, share a few laughs together and make consumers feel comfortable,” explains Executive Touch Worldwide. “We build a trusting foundation with consumers to ensure long-lasting relationships.”

Executive Touch Worldwide explains further that based on the customer experience they create consumers are more likely to share their feelings about a product or service they received, both negative and positive. This valuable feedback is then passed on to the firm’s clients immediately, so they can act on it accordingly. As a result, Executive Touch Worldwide has helped their clients to increase sales by over 60 per cent and customer retention by over 18 per cent in quarter one of 2016 alone. They are expecting to increase figures by at least further 15 percent in Q2.






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