Executive Touch Worldwide CEO announces fantastic achievement

28 June 2016
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James Sagar of Executive Touch Worldwide recently announced that he has had some great news regarding a fantastic achievement within the industry.

CEO of Executive Touch Worldwide, James Sagar stated how he has been working religiously for the past several years of his career towards this phenomenal achievement and last week the business owner confirmed that he has been appointed as a Regional Consultant in the sales and marketing industry.

This is a huge step for the business owner who will now take on more responsibility in the running of the sales and marketing industry in the United States and will no longer focus solely on his own business. Mr. Sagar will now be available to all business owners in the industry who seek advice, knowledge or assistance and will have a say in how the industry is run on a day-to-day basis. James Sagar will also now take on the responsibility of planning industry events for businesses across the country, not just locally. As well as this, Mr. Sagar will still be focusing on the development and results of his own firm, Executive Touch Worldwide.

Upon being appointed the title of Regional Consultant, James Sagar stated, “I am delighted to have been named as a Regional Consultant and I am looking forward to helping the sales and marketing industry progress even further and welcome a new wave of talented leaders.”

Executive Touch Worldwide is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in New York. Mr. Sagar originally opened the firm in 2009 in Sheffield, UK. The firm then expanded to several locations and developed a headquarters in Leeds, UK by 2010. By 2014 the firm had expanded into 8 UK locations as well as 3 locations across Poland. In 2015, the firm expanded to the United States where they developed a new headquarters in New York. Now with a number of UK, Polish and US offices the firm is one of the most successful businesses in the industry, specializing in face-to-face sales and marketing.

The outstanding achievements of James Sagar and his firm Executive Touch Worldwide – including winning several awards for phenomenal results and personal achievements within the industry – has led to the CEO being given this exciting new challenge of becoming a Regional Consultant. A spokesperson for Executive Touch Worldwide said: “We are extremely proud of our CEO and his ability to further his own career whilst still helping us, as individuals and a business, to achieve huge results.”


Executive Touch Worldwide is a vibrant event marketing and sales firm which offers clients a wide range of services including brand and campaign management; event sales and marketing and customer acquisition.


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