Executive Touch Worldwide Celebrates as Small Businesses Out Perform Larger Brands

6 January 2016
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After research suggests that small businesses have been outperforming their larger counterparts for almost a year, Executive Touch Worldwide shares why they believe small businesses have the edge when it comes to delivering a memorable experience.

In a recent online article (www.cnbc.com, Small Business Saturday: Small Retailers Outperform, published 28th November 2015) it was reported that according to MasterCard Advisors, small business retail over the past 20 months has accounted for 72.4% of the growth in total retail sales. And in addition, over the past 12 months, small businesses within retail have made up 39.6% of total retail sales. This is the highest penetration that MasterCard has seen over any 12-month period since it began tracking the data back in 2004.


The reasons that consumers are moving more towards small retail businesses is because they now seek unique merchandise in a sea of sameness, and enjoy giving back to their local communities by buying from shops that are easy to access. In addition, small businesses offer a more personal service, and consumer buying habits are shifting towards quality purchases rather than simply seeking out the cheapest option.


Executive Touch Worldwide believes that large brands can bring back the same level of service that small businesses are able to offer and win over customers using direct marketing campaigns.


Direct marketing is an attractive solution for companies because the results are so easy to measure. Customers are reached on a daily basis and brands can get day-to-day statistics on how their campaign is faring along with feedback on their product or service. This is why Executive Touch Worldwide chooses to specialize in face-to-face sales and marketing, as it is currently one of the most effective marketing and customer acquisition solutions.


Executive Touch Worldwide is an outsourced sales and marketing firm. The firm use direct marketing techniques to increase its clients’ market share. The firm has found that personalized direct marketing campaigns are effective because the firm can build a relationship at the initial point of sale, which is then maintained during the customer/client relationship. This is why the firm encourages large businesses to utilize direct marketing campaigns, because it will give customers the same experience that they currently seek from shopping with small businesses.


Source: http://www.cnbc.com/2015/11/28/small-business-saturday-small-retailers-outperform.html


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