Executive Touch: Schools Need to Encourage Entrepreneurship

30 April 2015
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Executive Touch point out that schools should get pupils excited about entrepreneurship and focus on graduating doers, makers and ‘out of the box’ thinkers. Instead, school is very theoretical and lacks practical experience that prepares for a successful future.  “It would be great to see more projects happening to encourage entrepreneurship and then based on that practical experience, kids can learn about the relevant administration, finance, risk evaluation and the positive impact of entrepreneurship on Britain’s economy,” say Executive Touch. Pulitzer Prize winner and author Thomas Friedman shares this opinion and says, having students graduate ‘innovation ready’ means they have the skills and mind-set to critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills that help them invent their own careers.

Historically, entrepreneurship is more likely to happen among minorities to create a better life for themselves. They have nothing to lose and are therefore more likely to take risks. “This is where schools need to step in,” say Executive Touch. “Instead of punishing students for making mistakes, they could change their approach and discuss the learning from the situation, so students are not discouraged to take risks in the future.”

Fostering entrepreneurship is beneficial for the economy and drives job creation for the country’s citizens. Not only that, according to a 2012 study of 11,000 MBA graduates from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, people who start their own business are for the most part ‘significantly happier’ than others due to their perceived greater control over their own destiny.  “Starting from early age, we have the fantastic opportunity to build an entire happy generation of future entrepreneurs. What could be better than that?” say Executive Touch.

Slowly, entrepreneurship is making its way to British schools. “However, there is still much more work to be done,” say Executive Touch. There are programmes that encourage pupils to think outside the box, understand the economic opportunity and inspire students to start up their own business from early age. “We have a real chance here to discover and foster talent. We need to utilise this potential and open up opportunities for the future generation,” add Executive Touch.

Based in Leeds, Executive Touch are a vibrant direct marketing firm that offers a range of services for their clients, including direct sales and marketing, customer acquisition, brand and campaign management. In addition to that, Executive Touch offer a Business Development Programme for young entrepreneurs, designed to provide the relevant support and guidance for them to open up and run their own business.

Due to their success, Executive Touch are currently planning to expand into further markets by the end of the year and represent their clients nationwide by 2017.


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