Executive Touch: Guide for providing excellent customer service

21 April 2015
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Customer service allows a business to stay connected with its customers and to receive valuable feedback. Without this ongoing connection, most businesses fail to remain viable.  Executive Touch understands that offering companies exceptional customer service whilst outsourcing, it reassures brands that their company image is being protected, and the potential, new and existing customers will be protected and allows a loyal bond to be established.


Executive Touch share their top seven tips on building brand loyalty:


  1. Keep quality high. Consumers create a link between a company’s brand and the level of quality. The price of a product offers an indication of the quality of the product, but Executive Touch believes it is important for companies to be consistent with the quality offered to the consumer.  This will allow businesses to attract repeat business.


  1. Engage customers. Executive Touch feel it is important to keep in touch with the specified target market on a frequent and consistent basis. Businesses should allow customers to be exposed to new and exciting offers or product launches within the company informing them of what to expect next.  It provides the customers with ideas of what products or services a company offers to assist them in their next purchase from the company.


  1. Solicit feedback from consumers. Stay in touch with consumers and ask their opinion of the business. Did they rate their most recent experience with your company? Were they satisfied with the customer service? Did the product or service meet their expectations? Executive Touch believe it is important to let customers know that the company cares about their experience and that they are listening to their concerns.


  1. Give them a reason to come back. Provide incentives for consumers to return to the company instead of the competition. Building a way of allowing a customer to generate ‘points’ for shopping will build loyalty to the brand. Consider giving insider access, special status and other non-monetary driven incentives. Making the customer feel like they have VIP access to the company will build a loyal customer base.


  1. Stay relevant. Find out what the competition are up to, and more importantly what the consumer trends are for the market. Tailor marketing and communications strategies to remain relevant to the current market, avoiding messages providing little or no value that have no impact.


  1. Provide Value.  Customer loyalty is invaluable and businesses don’t want to lose them to the competition. Create a plan to give a percentage of loyal customers’ cumulative spending back to the consumer in some way. Whether it is through discounts, complimentary shipping, gifts with purchase etc., businesses should always find a way to create added value.


  1. Show your appreciation. So often companies forget to say a simple Thank You for their business. Wish clients Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays and a great New Year. Executive Touch have past experiences knowing customers want to feel that the brand cares about them outside of the business.


Executive Touch is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm in Leeds. The firm specialise in a unique form of direct marketing that involves connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis on behalf of their clients’ brands. The firm believe that this creates long-lasting and personal relationships between brand and consumer, as well as leading to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty.






Executive Touch Worldwide is a vibrant event marketing and sales firm which offers clients a wide range of services including brand and campaign management; event sales and marketing and customer acquisition.


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