Executive Touch discusses how to be proactive at a networking event

12 September 2015
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New York based sales firm, Executive Touch have revealed why networking is crucial for business professionals and has explained how to be proactive at a networking event.
Networking is hugely important for business professionals and entrepreneurs because it gives them the opportunity to connect with like-minded business leaders who can offer advice, industry knowledge and much more. Networking also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote their own business to potential clients or business owners that can help the business to success. Executive Touch use networking to connect with industry leaders and expand their knowledge within the field as well as developing their skill sets.
Executive Touch will be attending a string of important leadership events throughout October and will be running several in-house workshops leading up to the events to ensure their sales force get the most out of these events. The workshops will be teaching individuals how to network proactively and encouraging them to connect with other business leaders and potential mentors.
Executive Touch’s Managing Director, James Sagar regularly networks at important business events and knows how to truly make the most out of these connections without wasting time. It’s easy for entrepreneurs to get caught in small talk or just spend time listening to others big up their businesses, but the successful business owner has mastered the technique of successful networking and knows how both parties can get the most out of a conversation – even in a short period of time.
Inspired by an article published on entrepreneur.com September 14, 2015 (3 Ways to Give More and Be Proactive at a Networking Event) Executive Touch have revealed their three tips for better networking:
Make it a give and not a get
Executive Touch highlights that instead of trying to sell yourself or your business you should work on building relationships. It’s important to listen carefully and engage with the person you are interacting with at the event. The firm reveals that the four questions to remember are:
• What is your name?
• What do you do for a living or what do you want to be doing?
• Why are you here tonight?
• What is it in life that you are most passionate about?
These answers will give you an opportunity to see how you can help this person and if you offer to help someone you are more likely to build that know, like and trust needed in a business relationship.
Follow up after your meeting
The majority of people who receive a business card at an event never follow up. When you hand someone a business card, it is a form of respect and there is an obligation to follow up. Equally it is important to respond to someone who follows up with you, highlights Executive Touch. Always plan what you are going to say carefully and never start with the hard sell, points out the firm.
Continue to show up for people
Do your best to build relationships. If you cannot send out emails each week take the time to make notes about people when you meet them, suggests Executive Touch. Note down: how and where you met, if you know anyone in common, their birthdays, etc. Executive Touch reveals that you should never immediately ask for a favour when connecting with someone. It is important to find a way to help them first; give them network referrals or decipher how you yourself can help them and then they may do the same in return.

Executive Touch has an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in New York. The firm develops personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands. The firm connects with consumers on a face-to-face basis in order to create personal and long-lasting connections between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.
Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/250555


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